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Akrovest GYPSOF™







Add 38 grams of powder to 1 liter of water or 5 ounces to I gallon. For best results use an ultrasonic cleaning unit of stainless steel construction. DO NOT USE IN AN ULTRASONIC THAT DOES NOT HAVE A STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINER.


For best results, heat the solution. Whether you use a stainless ultrasonic or a kitchen crock pot, set the temperature control on HIGH.




After invested tree has been water blasted or otherwise cleaned of most investment, separate the individual pieces from the tree and place in the cleaning solution. If you are using a heated ultrasonic unit, processing time is about 20 minutes. Time will vary depending on casting size and complexity of design.


To clean other items such as wire whips, paddles, mixing bowls and bases, allow them to soak overnight at room temperature. Rinse in clean water and wipe dry.


Because of the ability of this product to soften investment, do not store it in the investing area.



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