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4X ZeroShrink





Since 4X ZeroShrink has a high affinity for aluminum and stainless steel mold plates, each box contains a supply of heat release paper for use between the rubber mold and the plates. Do not attempt to vulcanize 4X ZeroShrinkwithout using the release liners, as the mold will adhere to the plates. As an alternative you may use our Teflon spray. Do not use silicone spray, as it will retard the cure. To ensure ease of mold removal, spray the inner edges of the mold frame.




1. Use the heat resistant release paper as a base for your mold. Simply lay the paper on the mold plate under the mold frame. This paper will prevent the rubber from adhering to the mold plate.

2. Cut enough rubber to fill the mold frame to about 1/2 full. Work in with your fingers or a blunt tool. Carefully place pieces of rubber within undercuts and delicate sections of the model.

3. Lay the model in place and fill all voids with pieces of rubber. Carefully cut and place rubber around and over the model. Work in with a blunt tool, making sure to over-pack the frame slightly.

4. Place another piece of heat resistant paper on top of the mold.

5. Place the finished mold in your pre-heated, carefully calibrated vulcanizer. Lower the platen and exert light pressure slowly. Wait a few seconds and tighten a bit more. Do this several times until the vulcanizer is snug.

6. Rapid cool the mold in cold water, or let stand at room temperature and cut.


Cure temperature and time for a typical 19mm/ 3/4” mold frame

111°C/250°F and over 15 minutes or 5 minutes per 1/4” thickness



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