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Akron RTV-RP Silicone™

Akron RTV-RP Silicone

Specifically designed for the needs of the manufacturing jeweler.

Extremely high tear resistance

Production Molds directly from carved wax or RP resin models

Zero Shrink for accurate model reproduction

Clear for easy bubble detection and parting line placement

24 hour room temperature cure

30 minute and one hour accelerated cure options

Akron RTV-RP Diluent available to thin out material making it less viscous. Easy to use and easy to add. Diluent allows easier pouring and for those stubborn intricate molds with deep undercuts that require a more fluid material. Results in a softer mold with less air bubbles. Available in 0.26 pound (118 grams) and one pound (454 grams) bottles.

Compatible with all Metals, Waxes and RP resins

Packaging kit sizes

1/2 kg. (1.1 lb.)

1 kg. (2.2 lb.)

4 kg. (8.8 lb.)

20 kg. (44 lb.)


Manufacturer of the most dependable and consistent mold rubbers available today.