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4X Clear Silicone™ Label Stock


1. Cut a very narrow strip of clear silicone with scissors. This narrow profile will make it easier to roll out with a rolling pin.

2. Using a plastic rolling pin, roll the material to a thin profile. You can also use a jeweler's mill to fabricate a thin label.

3. You may use your fingers to stretch the silicone as thin as possible before applying to either a newly packed mold or an old mold that has been cured.

4. Lay your label in place and cover with the 4X Clear silicone. The label may be hand printed or typed. Before curing make sure any ink has dried thoroughly.

5. If you're curing a new mold from one of the standard cure 4X silicones, just follow the temperature and time recommended (350°F)...

6. If you are curing a low temperature silicone such as 4X ZeroShrink™ you will apply the label after the mold has been cured because the 4X Clear Silicone must be cured at 350°F (177°C).


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