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Akron 4X Silicone™ Mold Rubbers

All silicones are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients. All exhibit high tear strength and elongation. They are soft as putty in the uncured state so mold packing is quick and easy.


2.27 kg. (5 lb.) Boxes 12 Boxes in one case

Special order 22.7 kg. (50 lb.) Bulk pack available

Standard Sheet 1/4 inch x 8 inch x 9 inch sheets

(6.35mm X 203.2mm X 228.6 mm)

Strip: 1/4 inch x 2-7/8 inch x 18 inch

(6.35mm X 73mm X 457mm)

Pre-Cut: 1/4 inch x 1-7/8 inch x 2-7/8 inch

(6.35mm X 47.6mm X 73mm)


4X Clear™ Label Stock easy permanent label for cured and uncured silicone molds. Lay your label (written, typed or photograph) in place and cover with thin layer of clear label stock, cure at 350°F (177°C). 

Hardness: 40A

Shrink Rate: 2%

4X Gold™ introduced in 1994, was the first true high strength silicone developed for jewelers. Emulated by many in the ensuing years, 4X Gold™ chemistry still provides the most desired combination of properties available today. This is our softest silicone mold rubber.

Hardness: 35A

Shrink Rate: 2.8%

4X Quick Cure™ is the very first rapid curing silicone. Introduced in 2001, it is a medium hardness rubber. Cured in half the traditional time at 7 minutes per 1/4 inch (6.35mm), it also provides very high tear strength and nice flexibility. 'The best all purpose silicone mold rubber.'

Hardness: 40A

Shrink Rate: 1.8%

4X Blue™ is our stiffest silicone mold rubber. Good for large patterns like broaches, belt buckles, and charms but can be used in just about any application that requires a stiff mold. Great for powder separation molds. Works very well for direct low melt alloy casting.

Hardness: 55A

Shrink Rate: 1.6%

LSLT-160™ introduced in 2003 is the very first high speed cure mold rubber. It neatly copies carved waxes as wall as RP resin patterns. Provides extremely crisp detail replication.

Hardness: 40A

Shrink Rate: 0.64%

4X ZeroShrink™ is the only zero shrink heat cure mold rubber of any kind available today. This rubber provides results normally only seen from a metal mold. 2007 MJSA innovation award winner. Works well with all mold making applications especially those that require exact replication. Because of the greater density, finished molds resist internal wax deflection (less flash).

Hardness: 40A

Shrink Rate: 0%


Manufacturer of the most dependable and consistent mold rubbers available today.