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4X Gold Silicone Mold Rubber is soft with extremely high tear strength and is intended to be used for very intricate designs. This rubber is designed for hand cutting method. If you wish to use powder separation method, use more powder than you would with other  stiffer, lower strength products. If you do not use extra powder, you will not obtain good separation. Very high pattern finish.

We recommend that you use stainless steel mold plates as this product tends to adhere more strongly to aluminum plates.




1)  Using scissors, cut enough rubber to fill the mold frame to about 1/2 to 2/3full. Work in with your fingers or a blunt tool.

2)  Push model into rubber to proper position and then cover over with additional rubber. Work into place, being sure to over pack slightly.

3)  Place mold frame in vulcanizer pre-heated to between 330ºF and 350ºF (165ºC and 177ºC). Vulcanize 15 minutes per 1/4” (6.35mm) of thickness. A 3/4” (19mm)  frame requires 45 minutes.


Release agent is not required.


Shrink rate is 2.8%


Maximum continuous exposure: 500ºF.


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