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Zero-Defects Wax Tips


Just like our own AKRON JEWELRY RUBBER,™  the partner products we offer are very carefully engineered to provide you with the most trouble free manufacturing environment. Once in your hands, it is up to you to complete the circle by following our studied recommendations precisely. With practice and in keeping with recommended guide lines, your own ingenuity will be applied to further improve the outcome of your work.


WAX TEMPERATURE: In order to optimize results, it is imperative that you follow the recommended injection temperature. Unfortunately, most pot thermometers give you a reading that is 4 to 8 degrees lower than the actual wax temperature. If this is the case with your pot, you may be overheating the wax and damaging the fine balance of ingredients. We suggest that you buy a quality thermometer and check the wax temperature as you are setting up. Make note of the difference between this and your pot thermometer. This way you will not end up injecting your wax too hot and obtaining less than the excellent results the product has been designed to deliver. Make adjustments one degree at a time, allowing an hour of soak time between adjustments, until you achieve the lowest possible injection temperature.


INJECTION PRESSURE: Always inject at the lowest possible pressure. Once you have set the proper temperature, the only adjustment you should make is in the pressure to obtain proper fill. Injecting at the lowest possible pressure will reduce mold lines or “flash”, reduce clean up time, and ensure that similar pieces are the same weight.


NIGHTLY SHUTDOWN:  It is best to leave your pot on full time.  Continual re-heating can damage the delicate, engineered balance of ingredients in any wax.


 • Release the air pressure.

 • Top off with fresh wax.



START UP:  Take a few minutes with your new thermometer to make sure that your wax is indeed at the proper temperature before pressurizing.


PATTERN AND WAX STORAGE:  Store unused wax and patterns at normal room temperature away from sunlight and other heat sources. Keep containers closed.


Wax Grade Pressure Temperature


General Purpose Grades 8 to 12 psi 156°F to 160°F

Ultra Magna 2 to 12 psi 156°F to 158°F

Plasti-Blue 8 to 12 psi 156°F to 160°F

New York City Pink 6 to 10 psi 156°F to 160°F

Buckle Wax 8 to 12 psi 156°F to 160°F



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